The majority of our training courses are conducted at our easyJet Academy at Luton Airport and last three weeks in total, with an element of pre course work to complete on line prior to attending your training course. (Training for those starting under Swiss AOC is held in Geneva and lasts for three weeks).

Cabin Crew training course

All Crew without current residence in Luton are supplied with shared hotel accommodation for each week of the training course.

Subjects studied on the Cabin Crew training course include:

  • Safety Equipment and Procedures
    (for the Airbus A319)
  • First Aid
  • Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods
  • Customer Service
  • Cabin Service and Uniform Standards

The Cabin Crew training course is intense and you will need to allow plenty of time for revision outside the classroom. However, it's also very rewarding - delivered in a fun and informative way by the Cabin Crew Trainers. To graduate from training as easyJet Cabin Crew you will need to pass exams on all subjects studied on the course.

On graduation of the course, as a fully fledged member of our Cabin Crew, you will have the confidence to deal with any situation onboard an aircraft and also deliver an outstanding level of easyJet service to our passengers at all times.