Culture, Vision & Values

Without doubt, we have a strong culture within easyJet. We set out to do it our way - to be individual and unique rather than copy the format that has been adopted by so many other carriers.

It starts with a very flat hierachy, which eliminates unecessary and wasteful layers of management. To enable us to make travel affordable for our customers the working environment is functional, not luxurious. We encourage office workers to dress casually - to be themselves and not hide behind a suit and tie. In fact we banned ties and the only people who wear them now are our Pilots and Cabin Crew who wish to. No offices, just open plan, open culture, hot desking, fun and enjoyment - this is what it means to work for easyJet. One if not THE most exciting, progressive and enjoyable cultures you could wish to find.


To be Europe’s preferred short-haul airline, delivering market leading returns.


To make travel easy and affordable.


Our values underpin our cause and ambition and are part of who we are as a company and individuals:

  • Safety - is our number one value and sits at the core of everything we do
  • Pioneering - We challenge to find new ways to make travel easy and affordable
  • One team - Together we’ll always find a way
  • Passion - We have a passion for our customers, our people and the work we do
  • Integrity - We stand by our word and do what we say
  • Simplicity - We cut out the things that don’t matter to keep us lean and make it easy

Making travel easy and affordable for our customers

In support of our overall cause – making travel easy and affordable for our customers – we are passionate about walking in our customers’ shoes to ensure we understand what they value, and that we deliver it consistently at every customer touchpoint. The key to achieving this is our people. In recruiting against the easyJet people values, we give ourselves the best opportunity to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, differentiate ourselves from our competitors and drive long-term loyalty and customer value.