Strategy, Network & Pricing Roles


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Strategy, Network & Pricing Roles

Driving seat revenue in all of our markets is vital to our continued success. So, we’re the team responsible for setting our fleet and route strategy and designing and delivering a viable seasonal flying schedule for our growing fleet of aircraft.

Essentially we decide where we fly to, at what times and from which bases. Working within key commercial requirements and operational constraints, we react to changes and plan up to 18 months ahead to maximise potential revenue and make the best use of aircraft, crew and slots on our schedule.

  • Pricing

    We develop and optimise revenue management and pricing systems to deliver revenue from seat sales, ultimately maximising our overall revenue. We also monitor the yield and load factor for every route and destination across our entire network to make sure each fare on each flight is set at the optimal level.

  • Markets

    We build and deliver winning market strategies within our corporate strategic framework. And we make sure that the great easyJet customer proposition and experience we provide our passengers is informed by insight from across all of our markets..

  • Network & Schedule Planning

    We optimise aircraft capacity allocation, which impacts on our returns in the short, medium and long term. Our Network team design and maintain our pan-European network strategy to build a sustainable winning position across all markets. Our Scheduling team builds the detailed flight schedules for around half a million flights a year.