easyJet’s Type-Rating Sponsorship Scheme

10 / 09 / 2018

London, Monday 4th September 2017 – In the wake of growing concerns around the prohibitive cost of qualifying for Pilot type-rating, leading low-cost airline easyJet are unveiling a welcome solution.

The coveted type-rating qualification, required by airline pilots to fly specific aircraft, typically incurs fees of up to £30,000 upfront. With a large proportion of applicants to the airline coming from Boeing 737 operators on lower pay, many of the quality candidates cannot afford to follow their ambitions to join easyJet.

easyJet now aims to redress the balance. Its new Type-Rating Sponsorship Scheme (TRSS) is designed to remove this financial barrier to type-rating, opening up non type-rated Captain positions to those for whom they were previously unattainable.

Under the new Scheme, easyJet agree to pay for the full cost of the training, however employees agree to make a monthly contribution towards part of the cost, which is taken as a net pay deduction. This employee contribution is spread across a 3 year period
easyJet’s Head of Pilot Recruitment, Christopher Murphy, says:

“This scheme will remove a financial barrier for those who simply don’t have access to the funds required to complete a type-rating and reach the next important stage in their career..”

“The scheme marks a positive and inclusive shift in focus. It shows that we are committed to recruiting the very best Captains for the job.” Says Christopher.

Captain Chris Drake has recently accepted a Captain position with easyJet and is due to start his Airbus type-rating training in September. He describes his experience with the new scheme:

“When easyJet’s recruitment team introduced the new sponsorship scheme. I leapt at the opportunity to apply.

Following a period of major growth at easyJet, Christopher Murphy explained, the scheme was inspired by the need to provide more inclusive training options, and in turn hire the best candidates. “We want to take on those who are right for the business, rather than just those who can afford it”.

Currently available to direct-entry Captains, easyJet are positive about the road ahead and the possibility of opening this up to the wider pilot community.

When asked about his future with easyJet, Chris Drake said, “They are just a better personality fit for me all-round, in terms of how open and supportive they are in comparison with my previous employer. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity and can’t wait to get started.”

Follow Chris’s story and keep up with his progress on the scheme via the easyJet careers portal.

Although launching officially in Summer 2018, easyJet will be welcoming their first intake of candidates utilising the scheme this October.