My first flight

15 / 01 / 2019

Base Day

Shortly after training had been completed, it was time to visit our base. On our Base day, a mentor showed us around our new base. This was our chance to get to know our surroundings, giving us the opportunity to ask any questions and get to know our Base team. I was shown how to use the company computers, how to check in before a flight and have all the relevant documents to take with me in preparation for my first flight, it was a really informative day!

My First Flight

The day had finally arrived! I reported for my very first flying duty, a four-sector day – Lyon and Basel. I was understandably nervous but so very excited to be putting on my uniform and finally about to embark on my first flight!

As a Supernumerary (extra) Cabin Crew, I was observing one of the crew on how they completed all aspects of their role, practising all that I had learnt in training.

As a new Crew Member, I was expected to take part in a pre-flight briefing, inflight duties and a debrief.

Pre-flight Briefing

When I arrived at the briefing table with my crew, they all reassured me and told me that they would be there to guide me through, which really put me at ease! My Cabin Manager discussed the day ahead. We then had an open discussion about safety and what we would do in an emergency situation, if it were to arise. The two Pilots then introduced themselves and gave us more information about the flight times and day ahead.

We then made our way out to the aircraft and started with pre-flight checks, I was observing the Cabin Crew 4 for the day. It was great to finally be onboard and completing duties. Shortly after completing all the safety checks, we were then ready to welcome our customers on board with a big smile helping them where needed and being a friendly point of contact.


During the flight I took part in the inflight service. Customer service has always been one of my passions and to finally be completing a bistro service felt surreal but so much fun! I loved engaging with the customers. There are lots of tasks to be completed onboard and lots to think about. However, I would say a top tip for your supernumerary flights is to ask as many questions as you need to and get involved!

As a new cabin crew member, to appreciate the workload in the flight deck, your Cabin Manager may let you observe a take-off and a landing. I was lucky enough to observe a landing into London Gatwick on the observer seat in the flight deck, which is an experience I will NEVER forget, it was incredible!


After the duty finished we got together as a team to discuss the day. After this my Cabin Manager gave me feedback on what went well, and what I could improve on for the next supernumerary flight the next day, so that I could develop and take comments onboard to improve.

Overall, I had a fantastic couple of days and I thoroughly enjoyed my two training flights. I was now fully operational Cabin Crew and ready to start flying around the skies of Europe!