Training Blog

04 / 12 / 2018

After an eager wait until my start date with easyJet, it had arrived!

I completed my training at easyJet’s training academy at London Luton Airport. When I arrived I met my fellow trainees who were all looking as excited as me, some of whom I recognised from my assessment day.  We were fitted out with our uniform and we all looked fantastic and were ready to start our three week training course.

easyJet’s cabin crew training is first class with some of the best training facilities in the airline industry. It was so much fun but it also involved lots of learning. The trainers are brilliant and they made everything fun and enjoyable! I made some great friends over the past three weeks and we all supported each other throughout.

Safety equipment and procedures on board the Airbus (319, 320 and 321)

As easyJet’s number 1 priority, there is a massive focus on safety right from the start. During this part of the training, I learnt about all the different scenarios that might occur during flight and all of the safety equipment on board.  Some of this training took place in easyJet’s state-of-the-art aircraft simulator, a replica of the actual cabin and flight deck of an Airbus aircraft which really makes you feel like you were on-board dealing with both normal and emergency situations. Also, there is a chance to show your swimming skills – practicing what to do if the aircraft was to land on water!

First Aid

Understanding first aid is very important in the role of Cabin Crew. We learnt how to deal with all types of medical situations from minor injuries to basic life support. This part of the training is very interesting and it really does prepare you for any medical situation on board the aircraft & even in day to day life!

Aviation Security and Dangerous Goods

It is an easyJet requirement that all Cabin Crew and Flight Crew undergo Security Training. We learnt the importance of all areas of airport security and how to recognise dangerous goods if they were to make it on board the aircraft.

Customer Service

The customers are at the heart of our airline and easyJet’s cabin crew have some of the best customer service skills in the business! We were trained on the importance of excellent customer service and what affects this has to the company as a whole!

Cabin Service and Uniform Standards

Cabin Crew are the face of the company and in this part of the training we were taught the importance of Uniform Standards and Cabin Services, from how to wear your uniform to the service standards on board the Aircraft.

At the end of each section of the training, we were required to take an exam. I was a bit nervous but with the excellent help of the trainers and all my new trainee friends, I passed!

The training does take a lot of hard work – there is a lot to learn in 3 weeks – we graduated and got our easyJet ‘Wings’!  We had a graduation ceremony to celebrate our efforts and we looked over photos from the past three weeks. Now it was time to take to the Skies of Europe!