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Published | 14 / 09 / 2017

Pierre’s story – an easyJet Schedule Planner

I started out in this industry as a Slot Co-Ordinator of airports with France. I enjoyed it, but I was missing the airline buzz that I loved so much during my studies. So when the opportunity came up to join easyJet, I jumped at it. Why wouldn’t you? They’re one of the most successful airlines in the industry, and they’re really dynamic. I’d also heard great things about their culture.

My typical day? There’s no such thing. Our work is seasonal, so what I’m doing varies depending on the time of year. We put our schedules together about a year in advance. At the beginning of the cycle, my time is spent working with our country teams across Europe to try and achieve the right product for our customers. The plan is to get a concrete plan in place. But, as you can imagine, things change all the time. Routes need to be tweaked, or removed. New ones need to be added. Every time there’s a change in passenger demand, our schedule needs to change too. In fact, pretty much everything shifts – apart from the deadlines!

The easyJet network is one of the biggest in our market, so I work with 50 lines of flight to ten bases across Europe. Getting the schedules right for all of these is hard, but I enjoy the challenge. Here, I get to work on building the schedules and getting the slots required, so I can look at the puzzle from both sides. It definitely makes life more interesting, and it allows me to get to the right answer much quicker.

I’d have to say that working with the country teams is one of my favourite things about this job. I’ve built up really good relationships with them, and our operations teams too. This really helps when it comes to working with them both to solve problems and get the right slots for the airline. You get to see the bigger picture here, and I love that.

Like I said, it can be hard. You have to be pretty resilient to roll with all the changes and competing priorities. But it’s worth it. When everything falls into place, and I know I’ve shaped a schedule that is going to get millions of people to where they want to be, it’s a really good feeling.