Our Crew Promise

At easyJet, we’re one team. Join our Pilot team and it will be up to you keep our customers safe and happy. Your contagious energy will make every flight a pleasure, but it’s a two-way thing. So, this is what we expect from you and we’ll promise you in return.

Tools for the job

We’ll provide you with the tools and working environment you need to do a great job every time and make travel easy and affordable for our customers. With Pioneering as one of our core values, we’re excited to bring you the latest technology to the Flight Deck and our aircraft. It’s how, together, we’ll become Europe’s preferred short-haul airline, delivering market-leading returns.

True and Fair

Our crew promise is a simple set of principles (not rules or regulations) that support what most of us would consider fair. They also support the low-cost operating model that has made us so successful – a model that we’ll continue to operate by in the future.

Add a little sprinkle of ‘orange spirit’ and not only do our principles help us see the value in what we do, they also keep the challenge fresh, so that we’re continually learning and progressing. This is important because we know doing a good job and being respected and rewarded for it is important to you.

Open and Honest

Keeping customers and colleagues safe is the most important thing in our working world. We also believe in working as one team, pioneering new and better ways of doing things, keeping it simple, being passionate and respecting people’s integrity.

This translates into giving customers continuously good value at low fares and flying well-maintained aircraft across a diverse and exciting network.

And since we’re a pan-European business, we encourage our people to think and act with an open mind-set. This could be as simple as being receptive to new cultures, or as complex as learning to speak a new language.

And when it comes to talking, as we do with our customers, we’ll always communicate with you in an open and honest way. We’ll tell you what we can, when we can, so that you hear news that affects you before, or as a minimum, at the same time as we tell the outside world.

And we’ll make sure we give you the opportunity to get your views and opinions heard.

Always On

Like many of the cities we fly to and from, our business never sleeps. You’re part of a 24/7, 365 day operation. This means you’re often on duty when your friends and families are off. And just as most people are taking a two-week break, it’s a fair bet you’ll be at your busiest.

We need you to stay flexible so we can make sure we’re getting it right for our customers. There’ll be less leave available during busy periods, but, any that’s going, will be shared fairly.

But when it comes to your schedule, nothing’s set in stone. You’ll need to be prepared for the unexpected, which might mean changes to your roster. But we’ll always balance the impact of those changes on our people and our operations when we make these decisions. That’s why we do what we can to make it easier, like drawing-up rosters in advance so you can make plans for your days off.

The Total Package

We recognise that money is important so we’ll always pay a competitive rate in your country of work and make it easy for you to become a shareholder.

We offer a package that reflects people’s performance, productivity and flexibility, because we’re keen to reward really good work.

We think you should share in our success so we’ll also give you things like free performance shares when things are going well.

New Horizons

Job satisfaction isn’t just about the financial benefits of working somewhere – it’s as much about stirring up the brain cells as anything else.

It’s our aim to provide excellent training and development opportunities so that career progression is within your grasp. We’re committed to promoting internally, wherever possible.

But your personal development and progression is your responsibility. The opportunities are out there but you’ll need to be flexible and up for a move.

And remember, our diverse network isn’t only exciting from a customer’s point of view. Internal transfers and promotions are a great way of broadening horizons, from a business and personal perspective.

Supporting you

To come full circle, our principles mean we’ll support you, for better or for worse. We recognise achievements and reward them accordingly. But we also treat you fairly when things aren’t so good.

Our Employee Assistance Programme offers confidential personal advice and links to other resources. And our industry-leading safety and fatigue risk management systems aim to prevent problems before things go too far.

And, of course, your management team are there to support you when you need them.

Credit where it’s due

We feel it’s important to lay out our crew promise from the outset. We’ll also recognise and respect your expertise, not to mention your passion for doing what you do. Given this, we trust you to do the right thing and rise to the challenge.

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