Ongoing Development

It never stops. And you can expect the best throughout your career with us.


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Pilot Training

We are known in the industry for the standard of training we provide to our pilots. When you join us initially, you will have an induction in one of our training facilities and then go on to have base training and line training across our network. We will help you to develop and ultimately take on a future leadership positions. Our customers deserve the very best, which is why we work hard to make sure our pilots have the right skills, the latest knowledge and access to all the training they need to be just that – the best. Our dedicated training team achieve this by providing:

  • An annual LOE/ISS (Line Orientated Evaluation/Intermediate Simulator Session)*
  • An annual LPC/OPC (Licence and Operator’s Proficiency Checks)*
  • Two line checks a year with a Training Captain observing flight sectors
  • CRM training and various safety and emergency training sessions.

* These involve two four-hour simulator sessions over two days and two hours’ briefing/debriefing each day.

Training throughout your career

Every time you work with our training team, our focus will always be on your personal and professional development, so you can improve your skills and knowledge in all areas relevant to our operations. We also offer such training as:

  • Pilots new to easyJet

    Support flights with a Training Captain to develop flying skills and knowledge

  • Experienced Senior First Officers

    Command assessment flights with Training Captains to help them become a Line Captain

  • All Pilots

    The opportunity to fly with a Training Captain in a non-training context to gain invaluable feedback for your development

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