Our Commitment To Corporate Responsibility

Looking after our customers – and our people

Our passengers are at the heart of everything we do. But of course, delivering high levels of customer service calls for highly motivated and connected people. So as well as making safety our number one priority, we continually seek to improve our customer experience too.

Our Customer Board plays an important role in making this happen. And this year, they’ve developed a number of new initiatives that’ll help drive further improvements. This has been supported by a culture change programme that engages with the hearts and minds of our people – helping them to embrace our customers in their work.

Protecting the environment

Airlines have a responsibility to minimise their impact on the environment. We do this in a number of ways.

The airline industry as a whole is conscious about reducing its CO2 emissions. Thanks to our simple, efficient operations and young fleet – the carbon footprint of our passengers is already 22% less than a passenger travelling on a traditional airline flying on the same route and aircraft.

But we’re always looking at ways to lower our emissions even further. Our planned investment in 100 new Airbus A320neo aircraft will make sure we continue to have one of the most efficient fleets in Europe. These new planes will be around 13% to 15% more fuel efficient than the planes they are replacing. And by 2022 our target is for these planes to make up 35% of our fleet.

We recognise the importance of developing a long-term strategy for further reductions. We’re aim to achieve this through Sustainable Aviation. This sets out the collective approach of UK aviation to tackling the challenge of ensuring a sustainable future for our industry.

At a local level, noise tends to be the major environmental issue, which is why we’re also working very closely with our airport partners to try and reduce it.

easyJet in the community

Engaging with the local communities where we’re based is really important to us. This leads to us being involved in all kinds of community initiatives and activities across our network.

Our links are particularly strong around our headquarters in Luton, where we’ve developed strong links with the local community through partnerships with schools, local government, businesses and even the local football team.

Charity work

Across our network, we focus our charitable efforts through our partnership with UNICEF, which has raised over £2.1 million in just two years. Donations from our passengers and us have enabled UNICEF to vaccinate over 5.3 million mothers and children against preventable, life threatening diseases across West and Central Africa. We’re really proud of that.

UNICEF ‘Change for Good’

This year, our collections raised £302,000 for UNICEF in the winter and £725,000 during our busy summer season. Beyond this, £215,000 was raised in response to the UNICEF emergency appeal to help the children of Syria caught up in the conflict there.

Since the launch of our partnership, £2.1 million has been raised. This is more than any other airline within the ‘Change for Good’ programme. An achievement we’ll continue to work on.

The ‘Change for Good’ programme offers all our customers the chance to support the world’s children by dropping their spare change and leftover foreign currency into fundraising pouches. Our people support this through fundraising activities such as sponsored challenges and raising money in innovative ways in their free time.

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