There really is no other airline in the history of modern passenger aviation that’s had such an effect on the UK’s flight, holiday and travel industry. We started small of course, but then grew and grew. And we’re still growing.

Few could have predicted how far we’d come back in 1996, when we leased our first aircraft. Against all odds, we continued to grow and then two years later, something happened that would completely change our business – easyJet.com, our sales website, began to take bookings online.

The rest, as they say, is history.

We’re now among the top-10 ecommerce retailers in the UK and the number one Google search term for ‘travel’. Over 1.3 million bookings are made through our website every month, generating £10 million per day in revenue. On average, we’ve about 12,000 visitors on our website at any given time.

Trying to condense nearly two decades of amazing achievements into a page is nearly impossible. But to give you an idea of the company you’re about to join, here’s a brief timeline of some of our most significant milestones.