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easyJet AR lens orange spirit

Look runway-ready - try our new AR filters for Snapchat and Instagram

easyJet have launched new augmented reality (AR) filters designed to bring the cabin crew experience to people right from their phones.

In a process as seamless as a smooth takeoff, users need to visit easyJet on Snap and Instagram to access the exclusive filters. Once activated, they can use the filter on their pics and vids to get a feel of flying high here at easyJet as one of our cabin crew in uniform. 

Cabin Crew members at easyJet connect millions of people to what they love. Friendly faces that personify the Orange Spirit, our people come together from different backgrounds to make every passenger feel safe and secure. They take on any challenge with a smile, working in a positive and inclusive team that always has each others’ backs. It’s a job filled with variety and career progression - it’s said that one year here is worth three elsewhere! 

The AR filters are a fun way for people interested in joining easyJet to engage with us and experience being part of our crew. So, the next time you’re browsing Snap or Instagram, look up easyJet and get ready to look like one of us.

Look Insta-fabulous
Click here to access the AR filter on Instagram.

Be Snap-fresh
Click here to try the AR filter on Snapchat.

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